Young Coconut is a musician and visual artist from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. He is also the co-founder of indie record label, Fauxtown Records.

YC has been doing artistic things since he was a kid, painting and drawing at 2 years old, scribbling away, and not much has changed since then. He has since amassed a great deal of visual art too, which is his other passion besides making music.

He started his music career with his buddies Marco and Jason around age 16 and their band, Little Girl, which featured songs like “Flight of the Instigator” and “Torpedo”.

At 19, he went to university where he met Ben, Adrian, and Phil, and they formed various bands, such as guard¡ and Mon Chère, and practiced their swampy basement on Glen Elm in Waterloo, or at The Treasure Quest in Caledon.

Musical forces in the vicinity finally amalgamated into The Approachables, a six-piece group who released a number of EP and eventually some LP’s as well, including “Asleep on the Beach”, and “Comin’ Off Lies Like A Dirty Soap”. The Approachables were influenced by a lot of pop, indie rock, rock, funk, and punk bands.

Young Coconut eventually went off and did his own thing in the early 2000’s, recording a lot with his 4-track and proving to himself that he could actually write songs and produce music. He was (and still is) a fan of low-fi bands like Sebadoh and Guided by Voices, who basically created amazing music with nothing but a 4-track machine.

Young Coconut has always been a fan of different bands demos, and so one of his favourite things to do is work on demos, which may or may not ever end up rising about their demo-ness. “Sometimes, the demos have a quality that can be hard to recapture,” he says.

Still in the early 2000’s, Young Coconut formed several more bands including Childebeast and Try Hardz with his friend J.K. Phil Osé, and Yim Tin Tam with his friend Adrian.

Those bands incorporated diverse influences such as experimental / outsider music, funk, rap, and prog elements into the mix. Childebeast and Try Hardz still exist, while Yim Tin Tam died by 2008.

For a brief time, there was another “supergroup” of sorts with Lucky Stabb, which Young Coconut was a part of briefly, before he ventured off to work on solo stuff for a while.

But first their was a brief stint in a band called Lazu Lie, which formed in 2010, and lasted about 2 years, with Lazu Lie being an amalgamation of various local bands with disparate musical tendencies. The chemistry there didn’t last long either.

The next bands to come along for Young Coconut were Vanity Plate with his friend Jillian, and Suburban Bicycle Gang with his friend Jerry. These bands are still going today. He also briefly (for 2 years) joined Tiger Suit as their drummer, until the loop pedals drove him mad.

Despite all of the band action going on, Young Coconut was, is, and will probably always be a solo artist at heart, which suits his anti-social cave-dwelling tendencies quite a bit.

That said, he loves a good collaboration and he is always working on his songs that are part of the Fauxtown catalog, working on various remixes and different arrangements with his friends Navid, Jacob, and Niko.