Gatorade Rain

gatorade rain


Album Story


Gatorade Rain is a collaborative album between Young Coconut and Curtis Maranda of Tiger Suit, featuring experimental, instrumental, synth-based electronic tracks straight from the mind of Young Coconut, and then produced and arranged by the dynamic duo in tandem.

curtis maranda

The two frequent collaborators holed up at their secret location to work on this album over the course of a year or so, hitting up the studio once every 2 or 3 weeks at a leisurely pace that would have made Andy Warhol ashamed.

In terms of influences, both Curtis and Young came to this album being informed by such electronic-y bands and artists as Pond, Clark, Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawk, DJ Krush, Tame Impala, Aphex Twin, Luke Vibert, and a whole swath of others.

Gatorade Rain is a sequel of sorts to their last collaboration, All The Rad Snakes, which was completed a mere months before Gatorade Rain was started.

all the rad snakes

There was a brief downtime between the two albums, but very little “vacation” time was taken before Gatorade Rain was underway.  Destiny was beckoning.

According to Young Coconut, the goal of Gatorade Rain was to continue working in the vein of All The Rad Snakes in terms of electronic compositions, but with the stipulation this time of there being no vocals. There are, however, some choice samples thrown into the mix for flavour.

In lieu of vocal parts, various lead synths would be used to provide melodies and harmonies, making the album entirely instrumental.  According to Young, it was time to do away with the abstract and seemingly nonsensical lyrical style he’d been using for years and try something different.

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Curtis Maranda, by now used to Young Coconut’s workflow, remained stoic as Young would pull songs and ideas from yesteryear (presumably rejected by previous collaborators for one reason or another) which he’d been squirrelling away for decades, waiting for someone who absolutely did not care what nonsense he might suggest.

Or, he’d float something entirely new and seemingly improvised down the proverbial tributary, waiting for Curtis to take the sludge from the sluice and distill it into something ingestible for the masses.

The overall result is a collision of ideas old and new, styles both retro and seemingly contemporary, a bit low fi but also hi fi, to create something which very much in a category of its own.