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Whisper My Desires To Me is a collaborative album between Young Coconut and Navid Hamidi, which features the songs of Young Coconut, as interpreted by Navid.

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The criteria placed upon the album was basically to make the songs a) instrumental, and b) chilled out, and aside from these stipulations, the creativity was left open for Navid to work his magic.

It should be noted that the original tracks are not in and of themselves inherently or necessarily laid back, and Navid’s purpose here was to make them so, in his own style.

Making laid back chill tracks with a sense of subtle drama is nothing new to Navid Hamidi, who was fully produced many tracks of his own that fulfill this criteria.

In fact, part of the reason the two music-makers began working together was because Young Coconut had such an appreciation for Navid’s productions, which includes soundtrack work, cinematic instrumentals, and other such dramatic pieces.

Here is a sample of Navid’s work from his Youtube channel.

Navid, being a producer and multi-instrumentalist, was able to take some of Young Coconut’s unruly tracks and refine them into being entirely different from the originals, and yet similar and faithful to the spirit of the original tracks, in that the musical signatures of each song were to be left intact.

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To this end, Young Coconut added his own input to Navid’s process, mostly staying hands off and mouth shut, but making sure that each songs’ specific unique signatures, in the way of very specific chord progressions and indelible musical hooks, remained intact through to the final stages of production.

And so, there was some friendly discussion during the creative process, but mostly Young Coconut gave Navid the reigns to remake the song as he saw fit.  That said, you wouldn’t call this a typical remix album, by any stretch of the imagination.

All of this dialogue between the two musicians is what makes the songs faithful to the originals, but with an entirely unique spin put on the tracks which was not previously present in the compositions.

Artist: Young Coconut
Genre: Electronic