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As Y2K and imminent societal collapse loomed, The Mantiger sat perplexed in his abode in the Beverly Swamp, eyeing the door for any visitors who might dare to risk their lives and climb the rickety scaffolding and come see him out in the bug-infested bush.

Predictably, no one came. Living off a steady diet of homemade unsalted dough, he went about using his natural facility for cranking out college-radio ready hit songs (a gift he reluctantly embraced); the end times nearing, and his propensity for pleasing a hit-craving music listener audience waning, withering, and then, without warning – EXPLODING with the force of a substance-enhanced Ben Johnson running in the ’88 Olympics.

That actually happened at the stroke of midnight; the year: 2000.  And he continues to this day, meeting a few willing helpers towards the cause along the way. 

Here are his records.

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