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inner sanctum

“Inner Sanctum” is an 10-track album by Young Coconut, aka The Mantiger.

Dabbling in a variety of genres, including dance pop, synth pop, alt rock, alt pop, indie rock, psychedelia, electro pop, punk, Krautrock, psych folk and other groove based musics of the globular nub, the sonic stealth unit this time around consists of production crew as follows: Young Coconut, Navid Hamidi, Jeannie Jenkins.  Where’s Willy W. Wolfowitz, you ask?  Better yet, where’s Ethan Richey?  They were not yet born, as this music was made when fire drakes still walked the caverns of monotone mist, somewhere far beneath the current realm.

That’s all we can really say for now, except that Back 2 The Future and IDRM were two interlocutors facing opposite paradigms on a front.

Tracklist is as follows:

Dogs of Instagram, E’s In Need, Lammergeier, Manwhore, Exes and Hoez, Our Day, New Book of Rules, Nip Slip, Stay Home Save Lives, Bucket Song.