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malbec crimes

“Malbec Crimes” is an 11-track album by Young Coconut, aka The Mantiger.

Dabbling in a variety of genres, including alt rock, alt pop, indie rock, psychedelia, electro pop, punk, Krautrock, psych folk and other groove based musics, the sonic stealth unit this time consists of production crew and song writers: Young Coconut, Willy W. Wolfowitz, Navid Hamidi, with additional guitar work by Ethan Richey.

Malbec Crimes features lead vocals by Eric St-Pierre of The Timeless Void, Suburban Bicycle Gang, and Whatever.

High Stakes is a cover of a song by Try Hardz, which features Young Coconut and Philip J.K. Mauro as you’ve never heard them before!

Tracklist is as follows:

Shovel That Snow, Seventy-Six, Malbec Crimes, Pimp With A Limp, Aids Croc, Buckaphuck, Melancholy Bondage, Vinca Minor, Flash That Flesh, High Stakes (Try Hardz cover), Mission Difficult.