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mass formation

“Mass Formation” is a 10 track album by Young Coconut, aka The Mantiger.

Dabbling in a variety of genres, including alt rock, alt pop, indie rock, psychedelia, electro pop, punk, Krautrock, psych folk and other groove based musics, the sonic stealth unit this time consists of production crew and song writers: Young Coconut, Navid Hamidi, German Thirteen, Stephan Seiler, with additional guitars by Ethan Richey.

We have one Approachables cover here with FCA, and a co-write of Undercover Junkie with Roary Raynor from the Lionyls, as well as the lurking presence of one AJB: absentis agendo. Phil J.K. Mauro’s presence is also felt in Partners, and Olha Lishchyshyn appears on the album as well doing backups.

Tracklist is as follows: 

FCA, Aggravation, Backstreet Girl, Murder Hornets, My Sister’s Naked Sister, Partners, Undercover Junkie, Natural High, Pretzel, Welcome Back.