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Planet Danger

“Planet Danger” is a 10-track album by Young Coconut, aka The Mantiger.

Dabbling in a variety of genres, including alt rock, sell out punk, alt pop, indie rock, psychedelia, electro pop, co-opted indie rock, lounge jazz, Krautrock, yacht rock, lite metal, prep school pop rock, and other groove based musics of the globe, the sonic stealth unit this time around consists of production crew and songwriter Young Coconut, with radical oversight by Navid Hamidi, and with additional vocals by Bailey Scott, and additional guitars by Ethan Richey. 

But wait!  There is one co-written song (“Flight of the Instigator”) with Central Fresh and The Big Cat.

All production this time around by Young Coconut.  The album has been defined by one Youtube commenter as simply, “shit”.

Tracklist is as follows:

Flight of the Instigator, Orange Paint, Devour, F.L.E.X., My Woketopia, If We Were The Serpents, Flesh Garden, Jesus Played The Drums, On The Offs, and Shapes.