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“Pravda” is a 15 track album by Young Coconut, aka The Mantiger.

Dabbling in a variety of genres, including alt rock, alt pop, indie rock, psychedelia, electro pop, dance, house, drum’n’bass, punk, Krautrock, psych folk and other groove based musics, the sonic stealth unit this time consists of production crew and song writers: Young Coconut, Pianist Polina, Navid Hamidi, with help from Valileo, Olha Lishchyshyn, Stephan Seiler, Chriszio, and with additional guitars by Ethan Richey. 

But wait, there’s more!  A lot more!  Oh It Says In The Bible is a cover of an unreleased song by Treason Van Arch and AJB, New Son is a co-write with Philip J.K. Mauro with Philip on lead vocals, Red Rays is a Try Hardz cover, Chimp Change is a remix of a Philip J.K. Mauro song, and Binary Coconut is a co-write with Pest Control Fallacy.

Tracklist is as follows: 

Undercover Junkie (2nd Hit), Oh It Says In The Bible, Four Letter Put Down, Best Grooves (Polycule Mix), Red Rays (Truth Mix), Gentleman’s Choice, New Son, A Wildcat Each (Valileo Mix), Binary Coconut, Chimp Change (Oubliette Mix), Russell In The Papers, Boyfriends In the Night, Hard To Love A Thug, Old Mother MacBride (Chriszio Remix), Trudy.