Welcome to the Official Young Coconut Website

My name is Young Coconut and I am a co-founder of Fauxtown Records, and indie record label from south-western Ontario, Canada.

I write and record my own solo music, and I am an active (or inactive as the case may be) of a number of acts that are also on the Fauxtown Records roster, such as Suburban Bicycle Gang, Vanity Plate, The Approachables, Eff n’ F, Try Hardz, Childebeast, and Lazu Lie.

Each of these bands have their own sound, due to different aesthetics, recording methods, songwriters, and so forth, and I do my part to add some seasoning to the musical salsa.

Check out some of my own tunes!  I consider my tunes to be quit varied but ultimately I am a fan of songs which can stand the test of time.  You decide if that’s true or not – Have a listen!

And don’t forget to follow me on Spotify, as I am always either working on an album, or one is on the way to release.  I don’t stop.  I don’t quit.