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Young Coconut Music

Enter The Mantiger

Born in the Beverly Swamp on the edge of the town of Cambridge (Galt), Ontario, sometime in the late 1970’s, The Mantiger (born fully grown as an adult half-human half-tiger), who would someday become the musical artist known as Young Coconut, began life modestly, eating small gnats and rambling about the thickets; living life without purpose and without any friends – a lonely loser.

So sad.  Still, a day soon came whereupon The Mantiger discovered one of his few innate skills – writing top tier alternative rock hits for age demographic 18-45 year old men (95%) and women (5%).  So amazed was he at discovering this skillset, that he immediately built a studio in the middle of the swamp, only wheelchair accessible (and generally accessible) by a crude bridge made out of brittle planks of repurposed wood, donated by the local hillbillies.

Fast forward to today, The Mantiger has learned how to use “The Web” and hence has created this site, to showcase some of the musical machinations which he has toiled with since he was a mini Mantiger (6′ tall then, 8’3″ now and still growing!).  

If you check out the back catalog found here on this site, you will find it goes many LP’s deep with angst-ridden psychedelic, underground, indie, alternative Canadian rock cuts which most DJ’s have deemed to be too controversial for the airwaves.  Indeed, a cancel culture mob was sent to dispatch him but succumbed to the element, sinking sheepishly into the stinking mire.  Hence, unopposed, and right here on the wild internet, you can listen to his sardonic tunes any ol’ time!  

Here is a highly personal and emotional message from the Mantiger himself, to all listeners: “Thanks!”

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